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The people that go to work every day at IOC expect to do so in a safe and healthy work environment. This is not an option but a minimum requirement. Creating a culture in which everyone contributes responsibly and proactively to their own safety and the safety of their co-workers, requires many things to come together: awareness, information, and skills, as well as the safe installation, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment. It also requires making safety a value even higher than that of such key areas as quality, productivity, and cost efficiency. In fact, we believe that the safest facilities are the most productive, have the lowest costs, and consistently deliver the best products.

The goal of achieving Zero Harm is firmly embedded at IOC and focus on two key areas:


  • The HSEQ MS

The integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System (HSEQ MS) leads to better identification and control of risks. Part of the approach is to systematically analyze and classify risks according to energy type (electrical, thermal, gravitational, human, etc) using industry taxonomy data. This enabled us to better address and mitigate risk areas.


  • Education and awareness

Changing behaviours comes through education and awareness.
Many initiatives are undertaken at IOC: 
 - workshops for union leaders, design engineers and general managers, 
 - team-based safety talks 
 - communication campaigns
 - Aknowledge safety-conscious acts and encourage employee-driven innovation and improvements
 - Introduction of Rio Tinto’s online Safety Leadership Development Programme.