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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are key values at IOC and the first priority across the Rio Tinto Group. Our target is zero incidents, both for employees and for contractors working at our sites. Our focus on HSE performance and compliance therefore extends to all existing and potential on-site contractors.


In order to achieve our goals, we have reviewed and improved the HSE prequalification process to help us identify and work with best-in-class HSE performing partners. To guarantee a rigorous approach, we have implemented a single questionnaire and rating system using the centralised tool proposed by our partner and expert in HSE management, SIM/Cognibox.


Apart from being more objective, this process also offers a variety of advantages for your company:


  • Time saved by completing only one questionnaire and update when required, regardless of the projects at IOC/Rio Tinto.
  • Clearly showing your rank with IOC/Rio Tinto within your trade specialty and region.
  • Allowing you to identify and address any gaps against Rio Tinto’s HSE expectations.


SIM/Cognibox was selected as our preferred partner in HSE Pre Qualification management after an extensive evaluation of similar organisations. We believe that by working together with our contractor community and SIM, we will be on the path to achieving our HSE goals, which represents a benefit to you as an employer, your employees, and IOC.


If you choose to enroll and become eligible for any potential request for quotation in your field of activity, please registered with Sim/Cognibox (contact below) and complete the online survey.
Tel.: (819) 536-5653
Toll free: 1 877 SIM 5653
Fax: (819) 536-5367


  • All contractors who are willing to work on IOC sites must register with Cognibox as the first step, which is mandatory.
  • A pre-selection based on HSE performance will be done through the system to identify the best performers to become eligible for being part of our bidders list.
  • IOC will have to give prior approval before Cognibox proceed with contractor certification.
  • To be granted IOC site access, contractors must attendand successfully complete a training in HSE policies and procedures at IOC.


We are looking forward to working with all contractors willing to continuously improving their HSE standards and performance.



Rio Tinto Procurement principles

Our procurement process is guided by the eight values outlined in Rio Tinto's Supplier code of conduct: Health and safety performance, governance and legal compliance, labour and human rights, environmental performance, emergency preparedness and  business resilience, host communities, information and reporting and management committment. These principles outline the way we want to operate in partnership with our customers and suppliers. They also capture our expectations of each employee and contractor.


Our expectations from our suppliers

We expect suppliers to maintain compliance with all health requirements of relevant Rio Tinto Group businesses. We also expect suppliers to demonstrate commitment to responsible health management programmes and the elimination of workplace illness.


We expect suppliers to refer to The way we work for further detail and supporting references.




For any questions concerning procurement, please contact Vanessa MacIsaac


Tel.: 709 944-8400 ext. 7824