At IOC we are committed to becoming a premier mining organization in North America. To achieve this goal, the way we do our work every day at IOC is just as important as the work that we deliver. Our commitment to health, safety, environment and communities (HSEC) is fundamental to how we do business.

IOC believes in building sustainable relationships that support local communities and stakeholders, contributing to positive regional economic outcomes and working in partnership with stakeholders.

In both Labrador City and Sept-Iles, we regularly take part in a number of community forums, taskforces and planning meetings to discuss issues of mutual concern and align with changing priorities in the two regions where we are located. This is an important part of securing our privilege to operate and contributing to sustainable regional economic development.


Here is an overview of some of the forums in which we participate:


  • Community Advisory Panel (CAP) – The CAP provides a consultative forum for Labrador West and Sept-Îles stakeholders to engage in regular, transparent, equitable, and constructive dialogue. Its objective is to improve understanding of environmental, social, and economic issues and opportunities pertaining to mining operations and community development. CAP members collaborate and partner to achieve shared sustainable development goals and address identified issues and opportunities.


  • Joint Planning Committee - Originating in 2011, the Joint Planning Committee is a forum for regular discussion and harmonisation of land-use planning between the Town of Labrador City (TLC) and IOC.  Working closely with the Mayor and Labrador City senior officials, we identify opportunities and challenges in collaboration.


  • Labrador West Regional Task Force – This community forum includes senior leaders from IOC and other mining companies in the region, along with municipal, provincial and federal government representatives. This multi-sectoral group of senior representatives works collaboratively to identify, address and review progress and priorities within Labrador West.


  • In Sept-Iles, IOC is a member of the Chambre de Commerce and of COMAX Sept-Rivières. Through these, and other forums, we regularly work with and support our key stakeholders to address local and regional priorities.


Community Investment Program


IOC has been operating in Labrador City and Sept-Iles for over 60 years and we are proud to continue supporting the organizations and groups that make up the social fabric of these communities. Our community investment program focuses on finding mutually beneficial ways to partner with key stakeholder groups, while encouraging employee involvement in community groups and activities.  Our three community investment programs, Together We Care, Dollars for Doers and Team IOC, allow us to provide community groups in Labrador City and Sept-Iles with support and sponsorship.


Before submitting your request please take note of our values, which can be found in The Way We Work, our priority sectors, certain exclusions as well as the time needed to process submissions.


Priority Sectors

Community organizations based in Sept-Iles and Labrador City can apply for sponsorship through our Together We Care program for projects that relate to one of the following themes:


  • Health and Well-being
  • Safety and environment
  • Innovation and technology
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Education



IOC does not support projects with one or more of the following characteristics:


  • Private businesses seeking support for commercial activities;
  • Projects that seek financing for infrastructure or capital expansions;
  • Projects that benefit only one person;
  • Projects traditionally financed by the government;
  • Political activities;
  • Religious organisations;
  • Moving costs;
  • Activities that pose a safety and/or security risk;
  • Organisations that have already received IOC support in the current year;
  • Projects that do not align with our mission or our values.


Additional information

Sponsorships requests must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the event. Please allow 8 weeks for the processing of your request and note that you will receive a response, whether positive or negative. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.


Labrador City

P.O. Box 1000
Labrador City, NL A2V 2L8


1 Retty Street
Sept-Iles, QC G4R 3C7


Community Complaints and Feedback

Toll free: 1 866-557-7254


To submit feedback online, please click here


Employee Programs


Our 2,400 employees not only have a positive impact at IOC, they are active community members as well, supporting important community groups and organizations in Labrador City and Sept-Iles. To help our employees give back to the groups and organizations they take part in, support and benefit from we have two sponsorship programs; Dollars for Doers and Team IOC.

Dollars for Doers IOC employees who volunteer a minimum of 50 hours per year are eligible to apply for grants to non-profit/charitable organizations that align with IOC’s mission and values. 

Team IOC supports sporting groups and clubs that our employees take part in, providing financial and in-kind support. Both Labrador City and Sept-Iles have strong amateur sports networks and community organizations which contribute to the social fabric of the community and IOC is proud to be able to support these groups.