At IOC we are committed to becoming a premier mining organization in North America. To achieve this goal, the way we do our work every day at IOC is just as important as the work that we deliver. Our commitment to health, safety, environment and communities (HSEC) is fundamental to how we do business.
Ethics & Compliance

Business Integrity standard 

Our Business integrity standard establishes minimum requirements which are key in meeting our commitments to prohibit bribery, corruption and fraud in all their forms, and to avoid, disclose and manage conflicts of interest.


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Business Integrity Procedure

The Business Integrity Procedure is key in meeting the following Rio Tinto business integrity commitments to:


  • prohibit and prevent bribery and corruption in all its forms
  • prohibit and prevent fraud and other economic crimes in all their forms


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«myVoice», Rio Tinto's confidential reporting program

At Rio Tinto IOC, we strive to create an environment that is reflective of our values, where people feel safe, included, and respected. We know that from time to time there will be issues that may not be reflective of our values. When that happens, we want you to know that you should feel safe to come forward and voice your concerns.


The global myVoice Procedure provides guidance to every employee, contractor or third party about how to voice concerns relating to Rio Tinto, its business or its people in confidence and without fear of retaliation.


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Know Your Third Party Procedure

This Procedure defines the accountabilities, responsibilities and due diligence processes applicable for the acceptance and engagement of new and existing third parties.


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