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Frequently Asked Questions
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I am just a consultant – do I need to be registered with Cognibox?

Yes. As a consultant who will be working on our site, you may be providing direction and or instruction to our employees. We are obligated to ensure you have the necessary insurances, that you are aware of our HSE program, and that you have clearance from the provincial WHSCC.

How do I get registered and get my pre-qualification status Green Light?

The first step in the process is to contact SIM Cognibox. A link is provided on our website. The administrators at SIM will help you with the process and ensure you get the information you need to complete the questionnaire and supply the necessary documentation. Once this is completed SIM contacts our Contractor Management Superintendent to start the validation process. This includes a review of the documents and the answers you provide to ensure the established standards are met. Once this is done, and if there are no outstanding issues, your company will get a Green Light validation. You will be permitted to proceed through the Contractor Engagement Program from this point. This program includes receiving a bid package, a site inspection, risk assessment, orientations, etc.

Are we required to keep our HSE statistics up to date on Cognibox?

Yes – you are required to keep information you have on Cognibox current – and accurate. This is especially applicable to exposure hours, employee records (identification / training / etc) equipment used on site (including light vehicles, measuring equipment, etc, and your HSE statistical information. Your pre-qualification is dependent upon keeping this information up to date and accurate.

Are we required to have a HSE management program if I am the only employee (or if there are only a few employees)?

No – if you have less than five employees working on site on any one shift you can provide a signed document that states you will agree to meet all the requirements of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (or Quebec), and the rules and HSE Standards of the Iron Ore Company of Canada. This document must be filed with Cognibox. If you have more than five employees on site on any given shift you are required to provide a safety coordinator (by law) and therefore you are required to have and register a HSE management program through Cognibox.

What are the duties of the IOC Company Representative?

Any contracting company on site must have an IOC Company Representative assigned to them before they can start work. These are specially trained personnel who will oversee the work of the contracting company. They will be the main contact for the contracting company and its employees when on site, they will inspect the equipment and work of the contractor, be responsible for reviewing any incident reports, work permits, or other related requirements. They will also conduct a preliminary audit at mobilization of the contractor using the basic requirements checklist and monitor (and record) HSEQ performance on a score card (available for your review on our Web site). They file this score card with Cognibox for future reference and contracting company selection / considerations.

I understand IOC categorizes its contractors as Category 1 – 2 and 3. What is the difference between them?

There is a full definition of the categories we use contained in the CMS Guidance Document. In short – 95% of our operational contractors are Category 3. They require work permits to work in the particular part of the operation that must be signed off by the operations personnel in charge of that area. 95% of Expansion contractors are category 2, they do not require work permits when they work in areas that do not affect operations.

Category one contractors are individuals that are treated, with respect to HSE, as if they were employees. These individuals provide us with representation in our projects. RTP and the Company Representatives determine what the category of the contractor is as part of the engagement plan.