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Mission and Values

Securing our future together as a successful supplier of iron ore products to the global steel industry.

To achieve our mission at IOC we will:
· Show respect and consideration to all;
· Pursue excellence in health and safety;
· Focus on performance;
· Foster effective teamwork and leadership;
· Be an employer of choice;
· Be socially and environmentally responsible.

We will show respect and consideration to all by:
· Treating people fairly;
· Behaving in a way that we would want others to behave;
· Encouraging everyone to bring forward ideas and concerns.

We will pursue excellence in Health and Safety by:
· Providing a safe and healthy workplace;
· Accepting responsibility for our own health and safety and sharing responsibility for the health and safety of others;
· Working safely at all times.

We will focus on performance by:
· Always delivering planned and expected results;
· Continually improving existing processes and practices;
· Making the right decisions quickly.

We will foster effective teamwork and leadership by:
· Setting clear goals and ensuring expectations are understood;
· Communicating necessary information and feedback in a timely fashion;
· Being flexible and responding quickly to changing customer needs;
· Contributing to and supporting team decisions.

We will be an employer of choice by:
· Providing challenging and satisfying work;
· Providing competitive compensation;
· Developing and maintaining a satisfying workplace;
· Creating opportunities for employee growth and development.

We will be socially and environmentally responsible by:
· Establishing mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships with our communities;
· Respecting the environment in everything we do.