Our procurement activities, which are coordinated through Rio Tinto procurement, are designed to ensure a fair evaluation and selection process, based on appropriate methods of competition among qualified suppliers of goods and services, is consistently applied to all prospective suppliers...
Indigenous Businesses

At IOC we are committed to working with Indigenous Businesses who meet our supplier requirements and HSEC standards. The bidder must certify in its submitted bid that it is an Indigenous business or joint venture as described below.


Indigenous business must:

  • Have at least 51% indigenous ownership or control, 
  • If a joint venture, the indigenous business maintains at least 51% ownership or control and, where there are more than 6 employees, at least 1/3 must be Indigenous for the duration of the contract, or
  • Demonstrate proof of partnership with an acknowledged economic development registry of an Indigenous Organization and/or Government.


If you have questions regarding IOC Standard for Suppliers or about our expectations of our suppliers, please email