As a leader in the Canadian resources sector we take pride in ensuring our products are of consistent, reliable and replicable quality; within cargoes and between cargoes.

At IOC, we have an impressive history and can rely on talented, ingenious and resilient people. Together, we have faced many challenges and accomplished a lot over the past 70 years.


Today, our operations and our industry are at a turning point. While we have initiated projects to gradually improve our working conditions and our facilities, we need to intensify these efforts to retain our people and attract key talent. There is also a real urgency to act in the fight against climate change. We want to make bold changes that will contribute to reducing the global emissions of the steel industry.


Our goal is to capture the market opportunity to supply green steel inputs while controlling our unit cost. This will put us in a strong financial position through all price cycles, which will enable us to invest in expanding our operations so that our people and communities can grow with us for the next 100 years and beyond.


We aspire to become a greener iron ore producer by reducing our own carbon and environment footprints to create a cleaner environment for our communities, our people, our stakeholders, and the world.



A new strategic plan to achieve our ambitions

To help ensure everyone is moving in the same direction, we’ve defined the journey around four key pillars and three enablers.



As part of this pillar, we will:

  • Increase our focus on health and safety
  • Leverage the Rio Tinto Safe Production System to improve our operations
  • Strengthen the integrated operations center
  • Improve our working environment




As part of this pillar, we will:

  • Discover and exploit new ore deposits
  • Increase our infrastructure capacity
  • Take the lead in the green steel market
  • Invest in the future


As part of this pillar, we will:

  • Establish new ways of operating
  • Stabilize our entire value chain
  • Increase our efficiency and productivity
  • Reach our designed capacity, safely




As part of this pillar we will:

  • Reduce our use of fossil fuels
  • Eliminate Bunker C
  • Rethink our energy supplies
  • Modify our infrastructure and technology



These pillars are supported by key enablers

We are committed to ensure that all our people are safe and able to perform at their best. We will build the IOC of the future by continuing to attract and retain the right talent, investing in our people and being involved to improve the communities in which we operate.


These objectives will rely upon our values: courage, care and curiosity. They will guide us going forward and help us take the right decisions.


Our people can achieve great things when their full potential is unleashed. Our founding generation did it when they created this company, and we too have the vision and resilience we will need to achieve our aspirations.