Our procurement activities, which are coordinated through Rio Tinto procurement, are designed to ensure a fair evaluation and selection process, based on appropriate methods of competition among qualified suppliers of goods and services, is consistently applied to all prospective suppliers...
Supplier Prequalification

In order to ensure compliance with our values, we have implemented a single questionnaire and rating system, using the centralised tool of our partner and expert in HSE management, SIM/Cognibox. This system allows us to identify and work with best-in-class HSE performing suppliers and contractors.


We believe that by working together with Cognibox and our supplier and contractor communities, we are on the path to achieving our HSE goals of zero harm. Achieving this goal will benefit everyone who works at or with IOC; whether an employee, supplier, contractor or their leaders.



It is mandatory for all contractors who want to work on IOC sites to first register with Cognibox. Once registered, a pre-selection based on HSE performance will be done through the system to identify the best performers eligible for inclusion on our bidders list. IOC must then approve suppliers and contractors before Cognibox can proceed with contractor certification.


As part of the certification process, contractors must attend and successfully complete a training in HSE policies and procedures at IOC. Only after all trainings in HSE policies have been completed are suppliers and contractors granted IOC site access. As HSE policies are updated or introduced suppliers and contractors will be required to complete additional training to maintain access to IOC sites. 


Pre-registration with the Cognibox portal offers a variety of advantages for your company:

  • Time saved by completing only one questionnaire and updating when required, regardless of the projects or bids at IOC/Rio Tinto.
  • Clearly shows your rank with IOC/Rio Tinto within your trade specialty and region.
  • Allows you to identify and address any gaps against IOC's/Rio Tinto's HSE expectations.

If you would like to be eligible for quotation requests in your field of activity, please register with Sim/Cognibox (contact below) and complete the online survey.

Tel.: 819 536-5653
Toll free: 1 877 SIM 5653
Fax: 819 536-5367



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