At IOC we are committed to becoming a premier mining organization in North America. To achieve this goal, the way we do our work every day at IOC is just as important as the work that we deliver. Our commitment to health, safety, environment and communities (HSEC) is fundamental to how we do business.
Our number one priority is that every worker goes home safe, every day. We believe that all accidents and injuries are preventable and that excellent performance in health and safety is key to our long-term success as a business and stakeholder in the regions where we work.
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Our employees are our most important asset. We protect, promote and enhance the health and safety of our workers by identifying and managing the key health and safety risks to which employees are exposed, as well as providing our employees with general health and wellbeing support.
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Through revegetation, compensation plans, education, inspections and environmental assessments, IOC aims at preserving the natural resources in the boreal forest and marine environment it finds itself part of. Environmental management at IOC looks at the entire mining life cycle and works to reduce impacts on the land, air, water and people where we work.
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In both Labrador City and Sept-Iles, we regularly take part in a number of community forums, taskforces and planning meetings to discuss issues of mutual concern and align with changing priorities in the two regions where we are located. This is an important part of securing our privilege to operate and contributing to sustainable regional economic development...
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Indigenous Participation
At IOC, we are committed to engaging and consulting with Indigenous Peoples who claim and/or assert Indigenous rights and/or other interests in the regions where we live and operate. We are committed to sustainability, diversity and supporting Indigenous Peoples with training, education, employment and business opportunities.
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Ethics & Compliance
Our Business integrity standard establishes minimum requirements which are key in meeting our commitments to prohibit bribery, corruption and fraud in all their forms, and to avoid, disclose and manage conflicts of interest.
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