At IOC we are committed to becoming a premier mining organization in North America. To achieve this goal, the way we do our work every day at IOC is just as important as the work that we deliver. Our commitment to health, safety, environment and communities (HSEC) is fundamental to how we do business.
Our Values

At IOC we are committed to be : 
- the global leader in high grade iron ore for the green steel industry.
- the most sought-after employer in the mining industry in Canada.
- A safe place to work that inspires employees to perform at their best.
- A respected member of the communities in which we operate.

This drive for innovation and continuous improvement is at the heart of our company's purpose: 
Finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs.

Our success depends on the trust we have with each other and with all of our partners, including host communities, governments, business partners, suppliers and customers. We build this trust and set ourselves apart from our competitors through our actions, every day. Our commitment to health, safety, environment and communities is fundamental to the way we work. 

Whether as an employee, consultant, contractor or supplier our commitment is guided by our values of:
    • Care - We act with care by prioritising the physical and emotional safety and wellbeing of those around us. We respect others, build trusting relationships and consider the impact of our actions.We look for ways to contribute to a better future for our people, communities and the planet.
    • Courage - We act with courage by showing integrity, speaking up when something is not right and taking decisive action when needed. We are not afraid to try new things. We respond positively in difficult situations and demonstrate commitment to achieving shared goals.
    • Curiosity - We act with curiosity by inviting diverse ideas and collaborating to achieve more together than can be done alone. We are continuously learning, creatively looking for better and safer ways of doing things. We draw inspiration from others and the world around us.