Who We Are
As a leader in the Canadian resources sector we take pride in ensuring our products are of consistent, reliable and replicable quality; within cargoes and between cargoes.
Our Executive Committee

IOC is managed by our executive committee of Clayton Walker, President and Chief Executive Officer; Chantal Lavoie, Chief Operating Officer; Donald Tremblay, Chief Financial Officer;  Maurice McClure, VP Business Development and Strategy and Caroline Hands, General Manager Human Resources.




Clayton Walker

President and Chief Executive Officer 

Clayton was appointed President & Executive Chairman of IOC in November 2016. Prior to joining IOC, Clayton served in senior management roles with Rio Tinto in the United States, Australia and Canada for 15 years.


Chantal Lavoie

Chief Operating Officer

Chantal was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of IOC in late 2018. As COO, Chantal’s mandate is to position IOC as the premier mining organization in North America by engaging and developing our employees, building relationships with key stakeholders and capturing both productivity and capital growth opportunities.


Donald Tremblay

Chief Financial Officer

Donald was appointed Chief Financial Officer in May of 2018. Donald was previously Chief Financial Officer of TransAlta and has more than 20 years' experience in various leadership roles including Finance and Business Development. His extensive experience will certainly help IOC to continue in its journey to become the premier mining organization in North America.


Maurice McClure

Vice President Business Development and Strategy

Maurice first joined IOC in 1978 and held a number of different roles within the organization before taking the role of Vice President of Business Development and Strategy. Maurice is an active community member with board roles on Répit Richelieu and Twin Falls Power Corporation.


Caroline Hands

General Manager of Human Resources

Caroline was appointed General Manager of Human Resources at IOC in January 2020. Caroline has been with Rio Tinto for 12 years and during this time has performed a number of roles within the HR function throughout Australia and the UK. She is passionate about creating an environment where people can be their best and contribute to the success of the company and the communities in which we live and operate.